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(Port) Wine of the month October 2022: Kopke Colheita 1937

Most probably there was never a masterclass with old Colheitas from Kopke in Germany outside this year’s Portweinmesse. Everyone was quiet, when Sogevinus chief-enlogogist Carlos Alves elaborated on the secrets of blending an old Tawny Port and everyone was amazed to taste a sip of the 1937 Colheita at the end: Green and golden reflections in the transparent, dark-red color. Honey, malt, all kinds of herbs, coffee and perfectly integrated hint of the “douro bake” aromas in the bouquet. The palate reveals a portfolio of dried fruits with raisins, figs, dates and all kinds of nuts. Perfect balance between the acidity and the sweetness. Long, very long, but balanced aftertaste. A truly great Colheita. 19/20