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(Port) Wine of the month January 2018: Taylor's Vintage Port 1927

One cannot write too many positive things about the 1927 Vintage Port year. Even with it’s 90 years of age, it does impress much more than many of the good Vintages such as 1963, 1970 or 1977. I did not open one of the roughly fifty bottles of this year which was below 18 points. I cannot say this from any other Vintage.

So we were very excited to open eight different producers from this fantastic year this December in London. Unfortunately Cockburn was faulty, but Fonseca, Warre, Constantino, Dow, Martinez and Croft were brilliant bottles. Primus inter pares was – as quite often – Taylors, a perfect bottle with the perfect Port (Graham’s Vintage Port 1927 followed the next evening).

Unbelievable fresh deep red color. Chocolate and still some residual fruit, malt, white pepper on the palate. Fantastic freshness and pressure on the palate, long and complex with malt, honey, milk-chocolate and some pepper notes. Long, never ending aftertaste with many layers. 20/20