Port Basics White Rose









With roughly 10% market share, the White and Rose-Ports are classic Aperif-Ports, which are widely produced in the entry-level quality and should be consumed chilled with approx. 8 deg.

These Ports are perfect Longdrink or Cocktail-Ports, the most famous of these being the PORTonic with 1/3 White Port and and 2/3 Tonic (add some lemon and Ice as well). The Rose or "Pink-Port" was invented by Croft in 2007 and is widely spread amongst the younger and more female Port lovers.

Whilst the Rose is always a sweet Port, the White Ports are produced in the full range of sweetness, from very dry to very sweet (lagrima). In more recent times White Ports are also produced in higher Quality levels, especially 10, 20, 30 or 40y old White Ports or as Colheitas, being a White Port with grapes frorm a single year. Dalva's Golden White Colheitas are most famous. The are producing a Colheita (port. for harvest) from every decade, starting with 1952, 1963, 1971 and recently 1989.

Old White Colheitas do almost match the colour of the red Tawnies, but are in general more elegant Ports. Definitely some to look out for.